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About us

About us
About us

Jiacheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Cheng formerly Shenzhen Jun Cheng Express Co., Ltd., established in 2000, was approved by the Shenzhen Bureau of Trade and Industry incorporated logistics. After nearly 10 years of long-term development, from the original one to do business, Jun Cheng courier company to upgrade its international cargo transport agent enterprises - Jiacheng Cheng International Freight Forwarders, mainly engaged in international trade is closely related to the international express, air and sea transport import and export agency business, business radiated from Shenzhen to Huizhou, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai and other regions, and in 2008 set up branches in Huizhou, the Group operating in forward. Companies in the logistics industry has a good reputation.

Our business scope: International express, air and sea imports and exports in the international shipping agency; include: canvassing, booking space, storage, transshipment, container shipping, container consolidation, cargo imports and exports customs clearance, shipping agents insurance, foreign trade import and export agents, personal items, large-scale exhibitions, performances cargo transportation. My company has a strong international network. In North America, Europe, Asia and Australia have signed agents or partners that can provide you with door transport services.

Services: Jiacheng Cheng has high-quality international freight management, professional and experienced operation team, with good sense of customer service; with personalized agent service concept; good financial reputation; good relations between the ports. Company is "diligent, meticulous, efficient, high-quality" service, for all efforts to provide satisfactory services to the Client. Company uses information technology management company, with a strong and rigorous operating system and advanced computer processing system. From the quotation, booking, pick up, customs clearance, documentation, providing two-way information, cargo tracking, issue of air and ocean bills of lading, and import customs clearance, delivery, road transport by hand for special posts, and warehouses, customs, local branch offices of foreign agents the interface between the various aspects of computer networks all rely on communication. The company’s employees are highly educated, and focus on their training. The company also developed in partnership with the software management software, realized the e-office, but also work to implement effective management. Improve the domestic service network and the full support of the major shipping companies to better serve all our customers a strong guarantee.

Jiacheng honest people have the logistics industry leading thinking and honest people of each Jiacheng is able to provide the highest quality logistics route options and to provide first-class cargo information tracking service, high quality, safe, secure logistics services are always our service standards.

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